Chin-splints + tennis ball?

This is how you can massage out your chin splints with a tennis ball.

The Tibialis anterior can often become scarred (shin-splints) due to overuse in running and jumping activities/sports as well as inappropriate footwear (please visit the clinic to discuss this further if you are interested in exploring your choic of foot wear further…).

The Tibialis anterior originates from the lateral Condyle/shaft of the Tibia and inserts onto the top of the foot. 

The Tibialis anterior is responsible for producing dorsiflexion and inversion of the foot.

Place your foot up on a low bench or chair.
Place a tennis ball along the front of your lower leg. 

From the starting position, roll the ball up and down along the front of your lower leg.

Roll for 30–60 seconds, then switch legs.

Use a lacrosse ball to increase the pressure/firmness.

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