Chiropractor next to Diamond Creek

WholeBodyChiro are passionate about offering genuine care to the Diamond Creek community. Read on and find out why…

Committed to wholistic wellbeing, we work with local community members towards achieving their optimal health.

We’ve identified that the Diamond Creek community need chiropractic care more than most communities. Here’s why…

The Diamond Creek community is active in a wide range of sporting activities. Because of this, sport related accidents are a regular occurrence.

Secondly there is a large collection of home-based businesses operating from the Diamond Creek area. It has been said that our modern habit of sitting over 8 hours a day is the new smoking. When it comes to spinal health, research tells us that this is true. Sitting often leads to a stiff achy lower back as well as a pronounced forward head posture which can lead to tight and painful neck and shoulders.

As a society we all spend too much time sitting, a high percentage of the Diamond Creek community spends a lot of time in the car commuting to work, driving kids to school, kinder or sport. When you live in the outer Suburbs this is often an unavoidable part of life. However, the pain and spinal degeneration often associated with this lifestyle is optional.

Chiropractic care can help to offset many of the negative effects on the spine from our modern lifestyle. WholeBodyChiro specialise in restoring normal movement and alignment to your spine. This results in:

  • Less pain and inflammation (from better functioning spinal joints).
  • Less nervous system interference (from reduced pain levels, improved movement patterns and less pressure on nerve roots)
  • Less spinal degeneration (from correcting uneven joint loading and improved joint mobility)

If you want to be and perform at your best, then it is absolutely essential to have a healthy well-functioning spine. So, don't wait…

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