Do you have COVID wrists?

With the workforce spending more time working from home even more time is spent typing e-mails etc. Repeated keyboard typing and other activities that requires prolonged holds of the wrist in an extended position can cause the wrist extensors to become short or stiff.

The numerous wrist extensor muscles originate from several locations on the Humorous, Ulna, and Radius. They insert across the back of the hand and fingers. 

The wrist extensors are primarily responsible for extending and abducting the wrist (bending towards the thumb). Below is a quick and easy way to start to release your wrist flexors:

  • Sit on a bench with a lacrosse ball in one hand.
    Press the tennis ball against the outside of your forearm with an open palm.
  • With the lacrosse ball pinned against your forearm, roll it back and forth. Work a small section at the time. 
  • Roll for 30–60 seconds, and then switch arms. 

To further increase the pressure, actively flex the hand with the palm towards your forearm to place the wrist extensors on stretch.

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