Do you have tight wrist flexors?

Due to repeated keyboard work and gripping activities, the wrist flexors can often become stiff. Below is a simple way for you to release some of this tension.

Anatomy and function: 
The numerous wrist flexor muscles originate from several locations on the Humorous, Ulna, and Radius. They insert onto the palm of the hand and the fingers. The wrist flexors are primarily responsible for flexing and adducting the wrist (bending away from the thumb). 

Sit on a bench with a tennis ball in one hand. Press the tennis ball against the inside of your forearm with an open palm.

– With the lacrosse ball pinned against your forearm, roll it back and forth. It may be easiest to work one small area at the time. 
– Roll for 30–60 seconds, and then switch arms. 

To further increase the pressure, actively extend the hand to place the wrist flexors on stretch (so that the fingers bend back towards the elbow) or use a firmer ball.

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