Does your lower back hunch when squatting?

Tightness in the Gluteus Maximus and Hamstrings can force the Lumbar spine into a hunched flexed position when squatting down and put the lower back at risk of over-loading and injury. Excessive tension in the Gluteus Maximus can also lead to lateral (outside) knee pain via the IT band.

Anatomy and Function: The Gluteus Maximus originates on the Sacrum, Ilium, and Sacrotuberous Ligament and attaches to the top of the Femur and IT band. The Gluteus Maximus is responsible for hip extension, hip abduction (spreading legs apart), and hip external (outward) rotation.

How to release tight gluts: Sit on the foam roller with your hands and feet steadily planted on the floor. From the starting position, roll back and forth over the Gluteals.
Roll for 30–60 seconds. Shift your weight to one hip or the other to increase the pressure. To increase the pressure further you could use a harder roller or use a medicine ball which isolate the pressure to a smaller area.

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