Eat better for spinal health

Like the rest of our health our spinal health is dependent on a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

“From a genetic standpoint, humans living today are Stone Age hunter/gatherers displaced through time to a world that differs from that for which our genes where selected”1

“There is increasing evidence that the resulting mismatch fosters ”diseases of civilization” that together cause 75% of all deaths in western nations” 1

“it (western lifestyle) acts as a potent promoter of chronic illnesses: atherosclerosis (fatty plaques in blood vessels), essential hypertension (high blood pressure), many cancers, diabetes mellitus and obesity among many others.”1

 “The diet of our remote ancestors may be a reference standard for modern human nutrition and a model for defense against certain ‘diseases of civilization.’ “1

“game and wild plant foods contain less fat, more protein, more roughage and more micronutrients per unit weight than do food typically selected from the supermarkets of todays industrialized nations”2

I diffidently believe that a more genetically congruent diet and lifestyle can do wonders for our spinal health and general health and wellbeing.

  1. S.Boyd Eaton M.D., Melvin Konner Ph.D., M.D. and Marjorie Shotak. Stone agers in the fast lane: Chronic degenerative diseases in evolutionary prespective. 1998;Am. J. Med, 84, 739-749
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