Swiss Ball Back Extension

With longstanding lower back issues, the muscles that support the spine often starts to atrophy. MRI studies in people with a history of lower back pain often demonstrate this with the muscles close to the spine being marbled with scar tissue and fat. This makes the muscle stiff and weak. Chiropractic care can help the spinal joints to start moving better and ‘re-set” the neurological control of the muscles. However, for a quicker and more complete recovery it is essential to also strengthen the muscles around the spine with safe and effective exercises. A good exercise to strengthen the Erector Spinae, one of the muscles closest to the spine is the Swiss Ball Back extension exercise. 

To perform the exercise, place the soles of your feet against the wall with the stomach facing the floor and drape your thighs and stomach over a Swiss ball. 

With your fingers interlocked behind your head slowly roll your spine back up to straight. You can start the movement in the lower spine and segment by segment move up until your torso forms a straight line with your thighs.

Then reverse the movement back down.

Repeat the exercise 8-36 times for 2 sets in accordance with your strength and fitness. Be careful and only slowly progress your repetitions as post exercise muscle soreness after this exercise may initially be experienced/feel-like a flareup of pre-existing back issues. 

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