WholeBodyChiro is now even cleaner…

As a result of the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases WholeBodyChiro has heighten its level of sanitation. 

A few days ago, National Sanitation Solutions (NSS) visited to take our sanitation to the next level. NSS specialise in providing a safe and hygienic environment through the application of Zoono Z-71 Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser.

Their product forms a mechanical bond to surfaces that it is applied to and creates antimicrobial “spikes” on the surface. These spikes are highly positively charged and as a result of this charge, the negatively charged molecular structure of microorganisms are attracted to the “spikes” and the cell wall and membrane is lysed; the organism is then killed, and the process continues.

The product is:

– Environmentally friendly

– Alcohol / toxic free

– TGA approved for COVID-19

– 30-day protection is reported against MRSA, H1N1, Norovirus, E-coli, Salmonella, Coronavirus, MERS

So welcome back into an even cleaner environment than before.

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