Chiropractic a different approach

Chiropractoprs often approach the body from a different angle than traditional aleopathic medecine. Chiropractic does not, in a strict sence, treat disease, it treats with the purpouse of retutrning the body to a normal (homeostatic) state. (1)

The adjustment is intended to restore normal motion and alignment to the spine/spinal joints. Whether it causes the disease to subside or not…… we understand as a profession that normal spinal motion is a prerequisite for normal brain and nervous system function, therefore we can feel confident that normalizing spinal joint function has a positive effect on the human being as a whole. (2)

This standpoint often makes chiropractors more proactive in their approach and continues with care into a higher level of function where the body has the ability to be more resilient and resist future relapses.  

Not to say that this approach is better or worse it is just different and will suit some people better depending on their health philosophy and goals. 

1) Coulter, I. The Chiropractic Paradigm. JMPT 1990; 13 (5)

2) James C. The 14 Fundamental Premises for a Scientific and Philosophical Validation of the Chiropractic Wellness Paradigm. The wellness practice; 2003 (16)

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