Do you have trigger points in your buttocks?

A common tight/tender spot in the buttocks is the Piriformis muscle. Excessive tension on the Piriformis can irritate the Sciatic nerve. This may lead to pain or nerve irritation in the buttocks, hamstrings, lower leg, and foot. Excessive tension in the Piriformis can also externally rotate the hip, leading to poor movement when in bending and opening the hip. 

The Piriformis muscle originates on the front of the Sacrum and inserts on the top of the Femur. The Piriformis is responsible for external rotation of the hip below 60 degrees of hip flexion. Above 60 degrees, it becomes a hip internal rotator.  

An effective way to reduce tension and break up adhesions in the Piriformis is to use a lacrosse ball for myofascial self-release. Place the lacrosse ball under one hip and sit on the ball with your hands behind you on the floor.

From the starting position, roll back and forth over the Piriformis.
Roll for 30–60 seconds, and then switch sides.
Try altering your body position throughout to target the piriformis from multiple angles.

Use a softer ball to decrease the pressure.

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