The art of enjoyment

Happiness, self-worth and self-fulfillment are all essential components of health and well-being. Even though these life qualities are less tangible goals they still requires daily practice if you want to master them. Rather than being a goal that is ticked of once achieved these qualities are more like an art-form of controlling focus and mindset. Just like singing or dancing the art of enjoyment is only expressed while performed. Therefore, to have more enjoyment is a matter of developing a habit of being grateful. Take the time to notice what is going right in your life, appreciate the environment around you, enjoy the here and now, value yourself and value quality time with friends and family. A good way to set the tone for a joyful day is to start each day with a routine that make you focus on gratitude. Below is an example of such a routine:

  1. First thing in the morning head out for a brisk walk. The moving and breathing will wake you up and energies your mind and body.
  2. Through the walk focus on everything that you can be grateful for. Start with yourself and then go wider and wider. So you can start to focus on things to be grateful for with your body, your skills, your opportunities etc, then focus on your family and close friends and finally more distant things like how lucky you are to be living in a great community, country etc. 
  3. Finally, just focus on taking in the environment around you, focus on the here and now. 
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