Do you walk like a duck?

Do you walk with your feet rotated out like a Duck? If so the posterior (rear) fibres of the Gluteus Medius could be scarred or adhered to each other and surrounding fascia leading to an increase in external rotation at the hip.

The posterior Gluteus Medius originates from the middle/back of the hip and inserts on the top of the Femur. It is responsible for hip extension (straightening), hip abduction (spreading knees apparat), and hip external (outward) rotation.

To release tightness in the Posterior Gluteus Medius with a foam roller; lie on your side on the ground with the roller underneath the back portion of your hip. Place the same side elbow and the opposite hand/foot on the ground.

  • From the starting position, press up and roll back and forth over the outside portion of your hip. 
  • Try adjusting your body position until you appropriately target the posterolateral (back and outer) hip musculature (some people need to move into a face up position and put their upper foot behind their body to find their most tight spots). 
  • Roll for 30–60 seconds, and then switch legs. 

Try taking your opposite leg off the floor, or stacking your legs on top of each other, to increase pressure on the hip.

To increase the pressure further you could use a harder roller or use a medicine ball which isolate the pressure to a smaller area.

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