How to help your neck to relax at home

Prolonged periods of sitting, computer work, stress and using handheld devises all contribute to a forward head carriage posture. This posture increases the tension in your neck, accelerates degeneration in the front of the lower neck and leads to muscle cramping inflammation an excessive load at the back of your upper neck. This simple passive cervical stretch uses gravity to help you to restore a healthy curvature in your neck after a stressful/ demanding day. 


Lie down on your back with the soles of your feet on the ground and your knees bent. Then put a rolled-up towel at the centre of your neck. You want the towel to be big enough to put a firm forward pressure at the centre of your neck but not so big that your head is lifting off the floor or forcing your chin to point up towards the ceiling. This pressure will encourage your neck to arch back instead of locking into a stiffened forward posture.


For best results spend about 10 min at the end of the day resting in this position.

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