How to treat you hip adductor muscles from home

It is not uncommon for the adductors (inner thigh muscles) to be strained from sport activities like skating etc. These strains can lead to recurring pain, soft tissue adhesions and poor movement patterns. For example, excessive tension in the adductors can lead to internal rotation of the femur/hip, which increases the risk of knee injuries. Soft-tissue work can help break up these adhesions, reduce muscular tension, and improve movement quality. 

The adductors are basically a group of muscles that originate on the Pubis and attach to various points on the Femur and Tibia. The adductors promote a variety of movements, including hip adduction, medial rotation, and hip flexion. Adductor Magnus can also extend the hip.

To break up adhesions in the adductors with a foam roller:

  • Lie on your stomach on the ground with the roller alongside and parallel to your body. Flex one hip/knee and place your inner thigh on top of the roller. Place the elbows on the ground underneath the shoulders.
  • From the starting position, press up and roll back and forth over the inside portion of your thighs (position 1). This position will focus on the one- joint adductors (that only cross the hip joint).
  • Roll for 30–60 seconds, and then switch legs. 
  • To work on the two-joint adductors (that cross the hip and knee joint), extend the knee and continue rolling on the inner thigh (position 2).
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