A failing healthcare model

The modern world is facing a chronic disease crisis.  The current traditional or allopathic paradigm is based on a sickness and disease treatment model.  With the exception of the incredible and heroic work done in trauma and emergency (i.e. heart attack, stroke, injury) care, the current model is failing. Despite the tremendous effort made and incredible resources invested, our people continue to get sicker.  It is time to address the underlying cause of the problem.

Our health is simply the genetic expression of our environment.  The environment determines how genes are expressed.  Our lifestyle choices create our internal environment – and therefore greatly determine our health experience.  Genetically incongruent lifestyle choices create sickness.  At the centre of the chronic illness menace is the obesity pandemic.

We are faced with the perfect storm of obesity today.  The confluence of three factors has created the obesity and sickness epidemic:  first, the resulting energy imbalance that is a consequence of our relatively sedentary lifestyles; second, the toxic burden from the regular consumption of modern processed foods; and third, the deficiency that results from making these toxic choices instead of eating the healthy foods that our bodies require and expect.

So, what is your plan? What could you do to get your body moving again and start to feed it the food and lifestyle that you were designed to thrive on?

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