Improve you posture and shoulder health with YWLT

The “Y-W-L-T Superman” is a great exercise for improving spinal posture and shoulder functional stability. It promotes thoracic spine mobility by promoting extension in the mid-back, and strengthens the muscles required to maintain good shoulder posture. Additionally, the exercise increases the range of motion in the shoulder joint, which is especially important for overhead movements.

To perform the “Y-W-L-T Superman” exercise:

  1. Begin by lying face-down on a workout bench, mat, or soft surface with arms extended out to the side to form a “Y” shape. Lift both arms up, keeping your thumbs pointing toward the ceiling to maintain the “Y” shape.
  2. Move into a “W” shape by driving elbows down to the sides and pushing shoulder blades together. Keep arms hovering over the ground.
  3. Move into an “L” shape by lowering arms so that upper arms are parallel to the torso and forearms are perpendicular to the torso. You can perform a couple of external rotations of the shoulders from this position if you’re using a workout bench.
  4. Finally, extend both arms straight out to the side to form a “T” shape.

Repeat this sequence 4-8 times, focusing on proper form with the arms hovering over the ground throughout all arm positions and shoulder blades tucked down towards your back pockets throughout the movements. 

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