Spinal hygiene routine

This set of spinal mobility exercises can be used as a daily hygiene routine just like brushing your teeth. It will keep your general spinal mobility at a good level between appointments.

1.  With straight knees slowly bend forward spinal segment by spinal segment, continue as far as possible and then hold for a few seconds before reversing the process back to a neutral posture.

2.  With straight knees bend your spine to the side so that your arm slides down the outside of your thigh as far as possible, hold and then revers back to neutral and repeat the process on the other side. 

(The above 2 exercises can be done with a weight to use gravity to create a deeper stretch).

3.  With straight knees extend your spine backwards as far as possible and hold.

4.  Firmly place your feet on the ground interlock your fingers and then rotate your head and shoulder as far as possible to the right and hold then repeat the process on the left side. 

These exercises are great to keep your spine moving well in-between your chiropractic visits.

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