This might help your knee pain

The IT band is often excessively tight (especially in runners), which often leads to lateral knee pain or trochanteric bursitis in the hip.


The Ilio-Tibial (IT) band connects the Gluteus Maximus and Tensor Fascia Latae (TFL) to the tibia and fibula. 


The IT band enables the Gluteus Maximus and TFL to produce abduction (outwards movement) of the hip as well as controlling/guiding movement at the knee. 

How to release with a foam roller:

Lie on your side on the ground with the foam roller underneath the outside portion of your thigh. Place the same side elbow (or hand) and the opposite hand/foot on the ground.

  • From the starting position, press up and roll back and forth over the outside portion of your thigh. 
  • It may help to work from the bottom of the hip to mid-thigh, then to reposition, and then work from mid-thigh to just above the knee (versus using long, broad strokes to hit the entire IT band at once). 
  • Roll for 30–60 seconds, spend more time on tight or tender spots and then switch legs. 

To increase the pressure, take your opposite leg off the floor or stack it on top of the opposite thigh.

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