Fresh Fibre First

The Standard Western Diet is filled with calorie-rich but nutrient-poor processed foods, vegetable oils, and simple carbohydrates (i.e. Grains).  These choices have resulted in an over-weight, under-nourished population suffering with allergies, fatigue and chronic disease.

Healthy people choose to eat the most nuitrisionalyt dense, fibre rich foods. It can be tempting to scarf down everything in sight when you’re hungry, but one simple vital behaviour will keep the hungry horror-driven choices at bay while assuring your cells all the nutrients that they desire:  eat plants.  Every time you eat, make sure to start with a plant-based appetizer – preferably something raw:  a fresh salad, some chopped vegetables, or sliced fruit.  

This healthy appetizer will not only provide vital nutrients, fiber and water for your cells, but will also curb your appetite and prevent you from filling up on the wrong stuff– or simply overeating.  As a bonus, you can eat as many fresh, fibrous foods as you want.  A best practice taught by Dr. Barry Sear, creator of The Zone, is to cover two thirds of your plate with plants and one third with some lean protein. 

The results from simple changes like these will surprise you.  Whether you are trying to achieve your ideal weight, normalize blood sugar levels, or improve digestion, adding the right things first is the essence of the Wellness paradigm and one key to its profound health benefits.

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