How to stand with an ideal posture

Have you ever wondered how to get your body into an ideal posture? If so, here is a quick step by step check list:

1) Stand with your feet parallel facing forward, shoulder width apart.

2) Keep your hip socket stacked back straight over your ankle joint so that your weight is on your heels (tight hamstrings and a low tone in the abs tend to cause the pelvis to shift forward over the toes). 

3) Find a relaxed neutral position for the knee so that the quads are relaxed and the knee-cap is facing straight forward (not facing out or in).

4) Line up your lower ribs so that they sit straight above the front of your pelvis (many people have a rigid tight mid-back area from excessive sitting and slumping and when they stand tall the ribs tend to thrust forward… try to avoid this postural dysfunction).

5) Ramp your head up and back into a spine lengthening direction so that you stretch the base of your scull away from your neck.

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